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Girls Go Out has a number of different ways of helping our members to get in contact with the girls.

This is not a dating website.

  1. Profile: You make up a profile. You tell us a little about yourself what you like, what you would like to do. Other girls can then see what you have in common, look for similarities in activities and interests.
  2. Search: You can search through the profiles on the site by region, age, and any number of different categories. You can even search by selecting the activities that appeal. ie: you may want to find a friend in your area who is interested in antiques or someone who loves running. You can search by these and many other categories.
  3. Contact: You can contact the members that like the things you like or those you feel have similar interests. This is done by emailing the member directly through the system. Emails will be sent to their personal email addresses too so they shouldn't miss the communications.
  4. Invite: There is a special feature within this website called an Invitation List. This allows members to open invitations to other members for any type of event proposed, providing a forum for group meetings and get-togethers. Other members can search through the Open Invitations and accept one (or more) that suits.
  5. Short of Ideas on what to do? Within the site there are Girls Go Out screens to help you make your meetings or days out with new friends easier to organise. These can be used in conjunction with the invitations to get you started. The screens will change periodically so watch this space! There may even be a Girls Go Out offer or two.

Take a free look around the site to see how it works.

Join the site now and start chatting to the members and making new friends. Take part in the activities they propose or invite others to your event or outing. The friendships you make here could last forever!

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Every member is a girl and our aim is to find them a friend.